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Personalized Training

Everyone needs a helping hand at times. With one of our personalized trainers by your side, you can achieve your health, beauty, and fitness goals. We will help you focus on areas of weakness, while still enhancing your core strengths.



Group Dance Classes

Whoever said dance wasn’t a workout, has never taken one of our aerobic dance classes. We will get you sweating to a beat, burning calories, and having fun while you workout.



Full-Service Fitness Center

For anyone who simply wants to workout on top of the line fitness equipment, our full-service fitness center is for you. Free weights, ellipticals, bikes, treadmills, and a multitude of other workout equipment are waiting for you.


Te esperamos

El CBS Cambre tiene un compromiso con el fomento del deporte entre los más pequeños.

Es uno de los clubes referentes en Galicia en cuanto a promoción escolar, actividad que sirve como primer contacto con el Béisbol para muchos niños.

Si aún no has probado el Béisbol o Sófbol y tienes interés, no dudes en animarte.


  • Enrique Expósito
  • Sófbol Senior

  • Dennis Hodelin
  • Béisbol Senior

  • Francisco Vidal
  • Sofbol Senior Mixto

  • María Fernanda
  • Juvenil/Cadete/infantil

  • Asdrubal Ortega
  • Béisbol Juvenil